Hassle is gone.

Now we are at your city!

A comfy hotel room, sanitised washrooms,
free breakfast and free WiFi found at every DOT. 

Board of DealOnTrip

Fardin Raiyan

DealOnTrip founded by Fardin Shahriar Haque (Raiyan)
He realize in Bangladesh there is a massive lack of good-quality & affordable unbranded budget hotels. With this in thinking, he started his entrepreneurial journey by creating DealOnTrip.
Raiyan thinks that Bangladesh is incomparable beautiful country and everyone deserves a comfortable hotel room. Raiyan believe that he and his team can do it IN SHA ALLAH

Fahim Shahriar

Fahim Shahriar Neloy is the head of marketing board at
DealOnTrip company.
After graduation he started his career with DealOnTrip
His corporate Board experience & expertise are
remarkable. With this experience he want to newfangled the industry and make it easier for everyone.
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